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Full Version Kpop Dance Festival Wii Iso 64 Serial Build Activator

K-Pop Dance Festival on Wii Iso is a dance game on the Wii and Nintendo DS created for general players and professional dancers. This game includes regular and pro dances, as well as Team Battles and Party Mode with up to 4 people. The studio mode has a practice floor where you can choreograph your own routines, which you can upload to the web if you want. In the original Wii version of the game, a dance pad or a normal Wiimote can be used as a controller. In the Wii U version, players can use a Wii Remote with Nunchuk attachment, or a Classic Controller Pro with Nunchuck attachment. A Dancemat is also required for the Wii U version. In addition to standard dance routines, K-Pop Dance Festival features Team Battles, where players choose their favorite groups and square off against each other in fierce competitions. The game includes songs by popular idol groups such as SNSD, TVXQ, Big Bang, BoA, Super Junior, 2PM and Wonder Girls. There are also classic K-Pop songs by Kim Hyun-joong, Fly to the Sky and Vibe. There is also an original song in this game created by Brave Brothers called "Just Say So". It has received generally positive reviews with an average of 71% on Gamerankings. Videos Downloads File name : Kpop Dance Festival Wii Iso Download File size : 4.1GB (419430480 bytes) System Requirements :  Wii System Version  5. 1.0  (or later)   File name : Kpop Dance Festival Nintendo Ds Iso Download File size : 1.31GB System Requirements : Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite with NDS Card File name : Kpop Dance Festival Wii U Iso Download System Requirements: Wii U Version 5.5.0 (or later) In the future, it will have more songs from G-Dragon, Jay Park, BAP and EXO to add to the list of songs in this game!  •It's a file sharing platform that is being constructed by uploading and downloading lots of data from all over the world.   Kpop Dance Festival Wii U Version can be downloaded from Kpop Dance Festival Wien Iso Direct Link. This is the official page in the United Kingdom. For other countries, please visit their respective wiki at The game was reported to have sold 14,000 copies in Korea within its first week on sale, making it the best-selling Wii game of 2007 there. As of June 10, 2008 it has sold 75,000 copies in Korea according to Gamecubed Korea. cfa1e77820

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